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Get to Know Pete Billmeyer, SIOR

By: SIOR Report


CompanyBespoke Commercial Real Estate
Location: Chicago, Ill.
Property Type: Office Specialist
Year Built with SIOR: 2017

OVERVIEW - Why He’s the Real Deal

Most know Pete Billmeyer, Co-Founder & CEO at Bespoke Commercial Real Estate, as a Chicago office specialist specializing in assisting private businesses and nonprofits, or recent SIOR Chicago Chapter president. s. Beyond his impressive career, Peter is a philanthropist driven by his passion for helping others. He’s been President and executive board member of the Equestrian Connection, Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund, as well as a chairman of Clearbrook’s Challenge Golf Outing. He's more than just an SIOR.

HIGHLIGHTS - Get to Know Pete

SR: What initially inspired you to become involved in multiple causes, and how do you integrate your passion for helping others into your life and business?
PB: I know how fortunate I have been and feel quite compelled to give back. I was blessed to have great parents and was taught from a young age just how lucky I was. Sadly, there are so many out there that are not in the same position and they deserve all the help and resources possible. I love and respect entrepreneurship so much it just comes pouring out of me. I have so much respect and passion for those that are willing to risk everything to build a great business. I also don’t think there is a higher honor than becoming a trusted resource and partner for a fellow business owner. It’s pretty easy to be passionate about the impact we get to have on so many different businesses.

SR: You’re asked to do a real estate commercial with a celebrity of your choice, who would you pick and why?
PB: Growing up in Omaha, I would have to choose Warren Buffet. When you look at his institutional knowledge and value-based investment strategy, I don’t think you could get enough time with him. To be able to pick his brain and learn from Warren would be an incredible treat.

SR: What drives you to pursue so many initiatives?
PB: We have three little boys that are constantly on the go, so it requires an awful amount of energy. I keep promising to slow down but fail miserably.

SR: What has had the biggest impact on your life?
PB: I cannot even begin to articulate how much philanthropy has impacted my life. The knowledge, experience, and friendships I have been blessed with is truly indescribable. Without a doubt, Bespoke is not where it is today without all of the guidance and support that I have gained via the nonprofit world. I am convinced that extremely talented people, love to support others that provide and volunteer for those that are less fortunate.

SR: Spring, summer, fall, or winter? Why?
PB: Certainly not winter. Living in Chicago I would have to say summer but then again, we have a place in South Carolina. I don’t think you can beat Spring/Fall in the Lowcountry. Being an avid golfer, I am always in my happy place when surrounded by my wife or friends on the golf course.

SR: Aside from real estate and nonprofits, what do you like to do in your free time?
PB: Haha what free time?.

SR: What or who inspires you the most in your life?
PB: YThis might be the hardest question, but I think it’s my clients. I am so amazed and inspired by almost all of them. To create something from scratch, employ others, and add immense amounts of value is just incredible. I know the commitment, sacrifice, and effort they all put into their respective businesses. It’s truly a joy and honor to watch and play a small role in contributing.

SR: What would be your personal motto?
PB: There is a direct correlation between accountability and success. Good players talk about how good they are, and great players let others talk about them.


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