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Editorial Calendar

2020  Editorial Calendar

Q1 (Spring) Issue
Theme: Fears and Forecasts
Topics Due - Nov. 4
Materials Due - Jan. 10
Publication Date – Late-March 

Q2 (Summer) Issue
Theme: Your Next Coworker
Topics Due – February 3 
Materials Due – April 10 
Publication Date – Late-June

Q3 (Fall) Issue
Cover Story - Beyond the Common Area: Outside the Box Tenant Concessions
Topics Due – May 1 
Materials Due – July 10 
Publication Date – Late-September

Q4 (Winter) Issue
Cover Story - Continuing Education in a Continuously Changing Environment
Topics Due – Aug. 3 
Materials Due – Oct. 9 
Publication Date – Late-December 



  • Chapter News: Reports and updates of SIOR Chapter events and announcements.
  • Member News: Important member awards, company changes/promotions, or special announcements.
  • Legislative Update: Legislative news relevant to the commercial real estate industry.
  • Commercial Real Estate Index: Quarterly updates on the economic conditions and trends by each U.S. market.
  • Top Deals: The largest member  deals reported each quarter are highlighted.