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The Advocacy Column is your quarterly chance to hear from NAR’s experts about what policymakers in Washington D.C. are engaged in as well as NAR’s work to advance and protect real estate interests.

  • Market Trends & Analysis

SIORs weigh in with their predictions for CRE in 2024, touching on office trends, the future of industrial, and shifts in the investment sales market.

  • Business Practices

Brokerages can help brokers improve their mental health and relieve stress through a variety of initiatives, policies, and activities, supplementing the efforts brokers may undertake on their own.

  • Technology & Innovation

AI is a powerful tool that can help businesses increase efficiencies, boost productivity, and lower costs. But can the data be trusted? Experts weigh in on the shortcomings of the technology. 

  • Technology & Innovation

Cool tech such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems mismatched with a national grid system that has one foot in ancient history. That seems about to change.

Chapters share the philanthropic, educational, and professional development opportunities that occurred during the Winter of 2023.
  • I & O

Demolition is only one of many options for vacant office buildings; in many cases, redesign and repurposing present valuable opportunities for brokers and their clients.

Each quarter SIOR goes beyond the transactions and the brokerage business to identify the true character and background that defines an SIOR. After all, it’s not what you are that truly matters, it’s who you are. SIOR Report digs deeper to find out The Real Deal behind its members.
  • Business Practices

Knowing your client means knowing their needs. Personalize your sales pitches to get your deal over the plate.

Emphasizing the significance of meticulous attention to detail in real estate transactions, the consequences of errors in contracts, and practical suggestions for ensuring accuracy to prevent disputes and promote positive outcomes.