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SIOR Global President, Mark Duclos, SIOR, discusses the upcoming virtual opportunities offered by SIOR and previews the topics covered in the Spring 2021 edition of the SIOR Report.
  • Market Trends & Analysis
SIORs on both sides of “The Big Pond” share their observations on the impact of COVID-19 on CRE, how they have responded, and long-term trends that may emerge.
Chapters share the philanthropic, educational, and professional development opportunities that occurred during winter of 2020.
SIOR members close big deals in a big way. Select transaction case studies are featured in the SIOR Report so readers can learn both about and from the expertise of our members.
  • Economy & Politics
There may be areas of concern as a new presidential administration settles in. But there are also some potential bright spots, not the least of which is an eternally optimistic commercial real estate industry.
Each quarter SIOR goes beyond the transactions and the brokerage business to identify the true character and background that defines an SIOR. After all, it’s not what you are that truly matters, it’s who you are. SIOR Report digs deeper to find out The Real Deal behind its members.
  • Business Practices
COVID has injected uncertainty into the office and industrial marketplace, which has temporarily pushed companies to hedge growth prospects and fall-back on short-term lease deals. Even though this could be a strategic fallacy in regards to future expansion, brokers still need to develop strategies for current property market dislocation.
  • I & O
Although the trend of remote working will continue after the pandemic, SIOR experts believe employers will still require office space to support on-site collaboration and foster a sense of community.
2021 SIOR Foundation President, Albert McNeel, SIOR, shares updates on Foundation programming and events throughout the pandemic, as well as information on the Foundation's continued progress in educating, enhancing, and expanding the commercial real estate industry.