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SIOR Global President David Lockwood, SIOR celebrates starting his presidency term, the excitement from the Fall 2023 Event in Chicago, and the commitment to to elevating CRE's and SIOR's future..
  • I & O

The Federal Reserve’s remedy for inflation has become a bitter pill for brokers looking to close deals.

  • Economy & Politics

The lending market is still in the doldrums, but a recent glimmer of stability hints at brighter days ahead. Discover the inside scoop from top SIOR brokers as they navigate the nuances of financial terrain, offering insights into potential improvements on the horizon.

Chapters share the philanthropic, educational, and professional development opportunities that occurred during the fall of 2023.
Each quarter SIOR goes beyond the transactions and the brokerage business to identify the true character and background that defines an SIOR. After all, it’s not what you are that truly matters, it’s who you are. SIOR Report digs deeper to find out The Real Deal behind its members.
SIOR members close big deals in a big way. Selected transaction case studies are featured in the SIOR Report so readers can learn both about and from the expertise of our members.