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A Message from the President

By: David Lockwood, SIOR


SIOR closed 2023 with some incredible wins, breaking a number of records, including gaining 328 new members, the most ever recorded in a single year; achieving a 97.2% member-retention rate, the highest in SIOR history; increasing female membership by 21%; and setting a new record-high number of office specialists. Our conferences continue to rise in energy, execution, and attendance, with SIOR’s Fall Event welcoming the second-highest number of attendees ever. Truly, SIOR continues to move forward and drive excellence in the organization and industry.

The momentum is continuing in 2024, and as I continue to serve as your SIOR Global President, I'm eager to build on our achievements. I am already witnessing the positive outlook of this organization in my travels to many SIOR chapters. The energy that propels us forward is electrifying, the enthusiasm palpable.

Our upcoming conferences are sure to be highlights on this collective journey. First, SIOR’s Spring 2024 Event will be held in picturesque Amelia Island, Fla., and promises to be a sunny blend of business and pleasure. Following that, our eyes are set on the grand stage of SIOR's 4th International Conference in Berlin. To close out the year we travel to Hollywood, Calif., for an iconic Fall Event. These are not just conferences—they're opportunities to forge new connections, share insights, and collectively elevate the standards of commercial real estate.

As SIOR evolves with the ever-adapting industry, this edition of SIOR Report focuses on how our members are embracing the future. In this Adaptation issue, articles will delve into the concepts of artificial intelligence and the most effective ways to utilize AI tools to step-up our game and transform our businesses; personalizing your business for your clients and employees; and how to adapt your spaces and your business to embrace the future.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our members, contributors, and partners—your commitment to elevating our industry shines through in every insight shared and collaboration fortified in person and online.

Here's to a brilliant 2024 filled with growth, success, and the creation of unforgettable memories. As always, "No shine without the grind."


David Lockwood, SIOR
SIOR Global President


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David Lockwood, SIOR
David Lockwood, SIOR
Colliers International

David Lockwood is an Executive Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer of Colliers International in South Carolina. His primary areas of expertise include brokerage management with a concentration on developing business for the firm.