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A Message from the President

By: Patrick Sentner, SIOR

I can’t believe that I am writing this, but my time as SIOR Global’s president has come and gone. I knew that this role would be fulfilling, but I don’t think I understood just how impactful it would be on a personal and professional level. I’ve had so many opportunities over this year to visit the “Best in the Business” power players of commercial real estate and interact with those who will bring our industry to even greater heights in years to come.

In fact, I just returned from the Third SIOR International European Conference in Dubin, and to say it was one of the best SIOR-related conferences yet would be just the tip of how truly wonderful the event was. Despite having more than 300 leaders in attendance from countries across Europe, Asia, the United States, Canada, and the Middle East, I realized how small the real estate world really is. I saw that the same work-from-home issues I deal with in Pittsburgh are present in Dublin. You read the headlines, but this event brought those stories to life. I can’t say enough about it, and I encourage you to check out a fuller recap of the event in this issue. Thank you to the entire team at SIOR Europe for making it happen. I for one am already booking my ticket for the next one – just tell me when and where!

As I round out my time as president, let me be the first to welcome Patricia Loveall, SIOR, to this role as the 2023 SIOR Global President. I’ve worked with Patricia for years and am beyond confident in the leadership she and the other members of the Board will bring to SIOR and to the industry-at-large. We believe that to advance the field is a team effort, so to stay on top of the industry, Patricia and I recently joined others at CCIM, IREM, CRE, and Realtors Land Institute to figure out what—collectively—each organization can bring to the table to keep the industry strong. I’m excited to share that we have numerous goals to enhance the world of commercial real estate!

Thank you once again to each of you who have made this year a success—a leader is nothing without a team and I’ve had the greatest of the great. To the entire team at SIOR HQ, thank you for the tireless hours of work you provide our organization; and to the rest of the Board of Directors, thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and commitment to the industry. It’s been an honor.


Patrick Sentner, SIOR
SIOR Global President


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Patrick Sentner, SIOR
Patrick Sentner, SIOR

Patrick Sentner, SIOR, is executive vice president at CBRE in Pittsburgh, PA and 2021-2022 SIOR Global President. Contact him at patrick.sentner@cbre.com.