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SIOR Report magazine articles (2019 to current issue) can now be filtered by issue, topic, or department using the drop-downs below.
SIOR Global President, Patrick Sentner, SIOR, recaps his experience at the 3rd SIOR International European Conference in Dublin, and previews the topics covered in the Fall 2022 edition of the SIOR Report.
Chapters share the philanthropic, educational, and professional development opportunities that occurred during summer of 2022.
  • Market Trends & Analysis
SIORs see greater competition as more brokers enter the industrial market, but underscore that the “cream” will always rise to the top.
Each quarter SIOR goes beyond the transactions and the brokerage business to identify the true character and background that defines an SIOR. After all, it’s not what you are that truly matters, it’s who you are. SIOR Report digs deeper to find out The Real Deal behind its members.
  • Societal & Environmental
Legislative and financial incentives and pressures are fueling a movement toward net-zero buildings.
  • Business Practices
SIORs in “boutique” firms find their strength in deep understanding of local market trends, a strong track record, and close relationships with key players.
2022 SIOR Foundation President, Albert McNeel, SIOR, shares updates on the SIOR Foundation Endowment Program, Real Estate Executive Council’s REEX Summer Program, the SIORide fundraiser held in Dublin, and the Foundation's continued progress in educating, enhancing, and expanding the commercial real estate industry.