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A Message from the President

President's Letter

Hello everyone!

I’m honored to be writing to you all as president of an organization that has given me so much throughout my career. I was thrilled to take the reins while wearing my new cowboy boots in Nashville, Tenn. at CREate 360 (thank you ARCO and the SIOR Middle & East Tennessee Chapter for such a great gift). This was the first in-person global event in two years, and we were thrilled to connect with nearly 800 attendees. It was evident that SIOR is thriving and excited to get back together!

During my short time in office, I’ve already experienced first-hand how much SIORs are innovating and adapting in the midst of continued global challenges. These past few years have shown us the value that strong relationships and solid foundations have in withstanding crises. As the next generation joins the fold of industry superstars, my excitement for what lies ahead continues to grow. There’s a need to attract people of all ages, genders, nationalities, and backgrounds to commercial real estate. It’s up to each of us to open our industry to all, and SIOR has taken its own steps towards this by pledging to continue advancing DEI and women in the industry. I’m so proud to be part of this story and look forward to the advancements happening throughout the commercial real estate industry.

I hope you enjoy this winter edition of the SIOR Report as much as I have! In particular, I thoroughly enjoyed the piece on data and privacy (pg. 12). As commercial real estate professionals, our clients trust us with a host of their personal data. Learning, understanding, and limiting the access that cyber criminals have to that data should be a number one concern for each business, no matter the industry. As technology changes daily (goodbye Facebook, hello Meta) our clients put their faith in our knowledge of each development.

Thank you to all who have already contacted me, welcoming me to my new role. It’s an honor I don’t take lightly. My virtual door is always open, so I look forward to hearing from many more of you in the months ahead.


Patrick Sentner, SIOR
SIOR Global President


Media Contact
Alexis Fermanis SIOR Director of Communications