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A Message from the President

President's Letter
By: Patrick Sentner, SIOR

And just like that, nearly half of my SIOR presidency has come and gone. As cliché as it is, time really does fly when you are having fun, and it’s been a joy to get the opportunity to travel and spend time with so many of you across the globe. I’m continually reminded of how great an honor it is to serve in this role. I’m looking forward to the next six months and all it holds as our organization and our industry continue on the path of excellence!

As with most paths—at least the ones that are really worth it—the journey is far from smooth. Many of us, especially those of us office specialists, approached 2022 with “cautious optimism” as we try to return to life as we used to know it. As offices across the globe have begun the back-and-forth dance of welcoming employees back, leaders have become more and more nimble and creative with what will work best. I’m absolutely fascinated with how our industry will be altered in the continued wake of this pandemic-driven shift. That’s why I’m particularly excited about “The Great Wait or The Great Return” where some of our expert members share their firsthand experience with what’s bringing people back into the office and what adjustments still need to be made.

Throughout this new Age of Work-From-Home, it’s become apparent that the old way is most certainly not the only way. When we open ourselves up to new ideas and new innovations, the reward far outweighs the discomfort of change. Throughout my travels, I’ve been able to meet so many young CRE leaders who are embracing change and whom I know will be taking this industry to new heights none of us could imagine. Each conversation I’ve had with them reminds me how imperative it is to bring aboard new talent—and to understand what it is that talent is looking for (check out “Employee Empowerment” for more ideas).

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I have, and I welcome your thoughts as you read! You can find SIOR Global on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and me on Twitter and LinkedIn, so let us know what insights you’ve gathered from these experts. I look forward to seeing many of you in just a few short weeks in Phoenix for TransACT 360!


Patrick Sentner, SIOR
SIOR Global President


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Patrick Sentner, SIOR
Patrick Sentner, SIOR

Patrick Sentner, SIOR, is executive vice president at CBRE in Pittsburgh, PA and 2021-2022 SIOR Global President. Contact him at patrick.sentner@cbre.com.