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Howell Watson Distinguished Service Award

Howell Watson Distinguished Service Award

The Howell Watson Distinguished Service Award is the highest form of volunteer recognition given by SIOR. The award recognizes an individual's outstanding service to SIOR through exceptional volunteer leadership, participation and involvement in SIOR programs and activities, and contributions to the industry. It recognizes a member (or members) of SIOR renowned for extraordinary professional and personal qualities. Factors that may be considered in granting this award include leadership, integrity, service record, clear dedication to the principles of SIOR, and active participation at SIOR events at all levels.

This award was originally named after a distinguished leader of SIOR, Howell H. Watson. Unlike other SIOR awards, it is not presented annually. It is bestowed only when one member's accomplishments and contributions clearly stand out above all others. To preserve the prestigious nature of the award, it is ordinarily not presented more than once every few years.

The Past Presidents Advisory Council oversees administration of this award.

Criteria for Award

Recipients will be selected based primarily on their service to SIOR. Other contributions, such as industry and community involvement, may be considered. Any member, including Retired, will be eligible, but Past Presidents will be eligible only after they have been out of office for five years or more, and a major consideration will be their level of activity in, and contributions to, SIOR during the years following their presidency.

Nomination Process

Nominations for recipients will be sought with a nomination form sent to the general membership, however, the award will only be given when it is deemed meritorious. The award will be presented at an SIOR Conference. Nominations will be vetted by the CEO and senior level staff. Final selection of a recipient rests solely with the Past Presidents Advisory Council.

The name of the recipient will be announced in advance via SIOR communications.

Howell Watson Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2016        J. Leonard Caldeira (posthumously) 

2011        David T. Houston, Jr. (posthumously)

2009        Thomas E. McCormick III

2007        Herbert L. Krumsick

2004        Steven H. Podolsky 

2000        Thomas W. Adler

1999        Evelyne Andretta (deceased)

1998        William D. Feldman

1997        Donald W. Schaumberger

1996        Sidney E. Gable

1995        H. Merrill Plaisted, III 

1993        Peter O. Hanson

1992        George O. Bowles Sr. (deceased) 

1990        Donald Hartman (deceased) 

1987        Robert P. Boblett (deceased)

1986        Paul J. Pfister (deceased)