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Travis J. Parry, SIOR, CCIM

Utah License: 5931574-SA00

Travis J. Parry


LINX Commercial Real Estate

2 West St. George Blvd, Suite 10, Saint George, UT 84770

Saint George
Industrial Specialist
Member Since
SIOR Utah Chapter
Areas of Practice
Investments, Tenant Representation, Landlord, Sale/Leasing
Travis Parry is a founding Partner with LINX, providing industrial and investment brokerage services throughout St. George Southern Utah, and Southern Nevada (Mesquite). He is licensed in Nevada and Utah.

Travis has leased and sold over 1,000,000 square feet of commercial property and over 3,500 acres of land in multiple states. As an industry leader assisting clients with their site selection needs, Travis provides in-depth advice and unmatched service as they plan their long-term real estate investment strategies. Travis is often sought as a co-broker with national firms such as C&W, CBRE, JLL, Lee & Associates, and Colliers. He holds comprehensive knowledge in the acquisition and disposition of industrial, investment and land properties; tenant and landlord representation; project development; and market analysis consulting.

A native of Utah, Travis and his wife Ralynne have four sons and two daughters. He’s an avid outdoorsman and lives the Southern Utah lifestyle to the fullest.

Why real estate?

-What I love about commercial real estate is the different hats you get to wear. On any given day, you are asked to be a negotiator, mathematician, architect, engineer, contractor, designer, pest control specialist (I once cleared 80 black widows out of warehouse to get it ready for a showing), soils expert, divorce attorney, grief counselor, banker, and connoisseur. Each deal is like a puzzle waiting to be solved. Finding the right property for a client, negotiating the ideal deal terms, and coming out with a win-win-win situation where the seller, buyer, and broker are happy. That’s the perfectly solved riddle.

Where are you most likely to be found on a Saturday morning in the Summer?

-My ideal Saturday morning would be running a slot canyon with my boys. There’s no place like Southern Utah where we have the world’s top slot canyons carved right in our backyard. With names like Heaps, Mystery, Neon, Bob’s Magical Mystery Tour and Opera House, each canyon has its own personality, challenges, and unique features that change multiple times a year with each flash flood event. Just like in real estate, I have to come prepared to handle new obstacles and unexpected surprises while working together as a team to exit the canyon safely. Once you pull your rope off the first drop, there’s no going back up. You have to find a way out. Your life depends on it. I bring that same passion, determination and ingenuity to commercial real estate.

What is your passion outside the office?

-Not too long ago I was introduced to pickleball. Once I picked up a racket for the first time, I was hooked. Now, all of my family plays. It’s become a bit of an obsession. My teenage boys and wake up at 4:30 in the morning three times a week to go play. Since when do teenage boys get up that early? They do when it’s time for pickleball. We’ll play for a few hours then I’ll drop them off at school and I’ll head in to the office. Besides getting to spend time with my family, pickleball scratches my itch for a competitive, yet strategic game. You need to have a soft, slow game and be able to instantly switch to a wicked fast volley match. You’ll step on the court and get schooled by a 70-year-old and in the very next game skunk a cocky show-off. Much like pickleball, commercial real estate requires flexibility, the need to drop everything for a deal (DEFAD), and a soft touch while in the next instant an aggressive and a lightning fast hit.

What led you to a career in real estate?

-My undergrad was actually in computer science. Right out of college I started working for HP in the LaserJet division and while there I completed my MBA at Boise State (Go Broncos!). I realized that while I loved technology, entrepreneurship and real estate were my passion in life. I moved back to St. George and started working for a family residential development firm in 2005 with the goal of branching the firm into commercial real estate. When the Great Recession hit, I saw my opportunity to set off on my own and joined Commerce CRG in August of 2008. After working as an agent for a few years, I eventually became the broker for the office and became licensed in Nevada as well. I earned my CCIM and SIOR designations. Commerce CRG was eventually bought out by Cushman and Wakefield. 10 years later, along with my long-time partners Tom Callister and Andrew Sorensen, we started our own boutique commercial real estate firm, LINX. Back in 2008 when I asked a prominent developer in town what he thought about getting into commercial real estate at that time, he said, it’s like learning to farm in the summer in the middle of the desert. My response was, “Yeah, but if I can learn to farm in the middle of the desert in the summer, imagine what will happen when spring rolls around.” Here I am living it.
  • 2016 Top Seven Producer, Cushman & Wakefield, Utah
  • 2013 Top Seven Producer, Cushman & Wakefield, Utah
  • 2011 Top Seven Producer, Cushman & Wakefield, Utah
  • 2011 CCIM Industrial Broker of the Year Finalist
  • MBA - Boise State University
  • BS - Computer Science - Utah State University
Travis Parry, SIOR, CCIM
LINX Commercial Real Estate
Saint George, UT
Daniel Palmeri, SIOR
Cushman & Wakefield
Las Vegas, NV
Office Lease
5,083 Sq. Ft.
August 27, 2019 Mesquite, NV

Ray Rosenthal
Vantage Real Estate
Saint George, UT
Travis Parry, SIOR, CCIM
LINX Commercial Real Estate
Saint George, UT
Industrial Lease
50,185 Sq. Ft.
October 9, 2014 Saint George, UT

Ray represented Czarnowski Display Service, Inc

Travis Parry, SIOR, CCIM
LINX Commercial Real Estate
Saint George, UT
Graig Griffin, SIOR
Windermere Commercial Real Estate | Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
Office Lease
7,764 Sq. Ft.
June 3, 2014 St. George, UT

Travis represented Workmans Compensation Fund

Graig represented Mountain Loan Centers

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