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Hackathon: Manufacturing and Industrial: The Impacts and Ideas for Future Planning
As a supporting organization of the CoreNet Global Hackathon, SIOR's team leads President-elect Patrick Sentner, SIOR, and Amy Broadhurst, SIOR,  share how their team addressed the challenge of developing forecasts and key recommendations for corporate real estate professionals to address how the pandemic will impact the supply chain, stockpiles, and manufacturing going forward.  05/29/2020 By Alexis Fermanis.

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Four Steps to Closing a Transaction Amid a Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic is causing massive shutdowns and disruptions - but does it mean that all CRE transactions are dead in the water? Not for industrial investments. SIOR explores how brokers can take advantage of current opportunities right now. 04/24/2020 By Alexis Fermanis.

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COVID and the CRE Tenant Response
As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the world’s population and the global economy, the commercial real estate industry faces its most daunting challenges since the Great Recession. 04/01/2020 By Mike Hoban.

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White Papers

 Airglades International Airport Cover_Page_01   The Path to Privatizing Commercial Cargo-Specific Airports

In this edition of SIOR’s Thought Leadership Series, author Gary Marsh explores the challenges of transforming an underused and underserved airport in South Florida into a viable cargo-based alternative to Miami International Airport. (PDF)

    Blockchain and Commercial Real Estate
As blockchain becomes an accepted aspect of business aspirations and common vernacular, industries must examine how this technology of today could improve or hinder everyday practices. In commercial real estate, an industry once considered inflexible, Spielman sees various areas of opportunity. (PDF)