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SIOR Global President, Patrick Sentner, SIOR, announces the newest members of the SIOR Board of Directors and Regional Directors, and previews the topics covered in the Summer 2022 edition of the SIOR Report.
Chapters share the philanthropic, educational, and professional development opportunities that occurred during spring of 2022.
Impacting positive change throughout a global network of Commercial Real Estate professionals is by its very scope a monumental task. SIOR has long advocated for a more inclusive industry, and in so doing, a more inclusive society.
Each quarter SIOR goes beyond the transactions and the brokerage business to identify the true character and background that defines an SIOR. After all, it’s not what you are that truly matters, it’s who you are. SIOR Report digs deeper to find out The Real Deal behind its members.
A bit of research reveals that Benjamin Franklin said in Poor Richard’s Almanack (in 1744) that:  “Tart Words make no Friends; spoonful of honey will catch more flies than Gallon of Vinegar.”  As a lawyer in his fifth decade of practice, one with one foot in court and the other in transactional work, I think I have acquired experience and perspective to reflect on this issue and how it applies in our world of commercial real estate (both transactions and litigation)...
It's time to start again. The industry is rebounding in exciting ways, and experts offer advice on how to navigate these new challenges and opportunities.
  • Business Practices
Through data mining, SIORs are not only gaining an even greater understanding of market trends, but they are also differentiating themselves from the competition.
  • Technology & Innovation
As the use of surgical robots gains traction, manufacturers are ramping up development of R&D facilities in this niche market.
2022 SIOR Foundation President, Albert McNeel, SIOR, shares updates on the Student Real Estate Experience Program, the Great Escape Giveaway, and the Foundation's continued progress in educating, enhancing, and expanding the commercial real estate industry.