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Impacting positive change throughout a global network of Commercial Real Estate professionals is by its very scope a monumental task. SIOR has long advocated for a more inclusive industry, and in so doing, a more inclusive society.
  • Business Practices
Through data mining, SIORs are not only gaining an even greater understanding of market trends, but they are also differentiating themselves from the competition.
  • Technology & Innovation
As the use of surgical robots gains traction, manufacturers are ramping up development of R&D facilities in this niche market.
  • Market Trends & Analysis
As accelerated headwinds confront shopping malls, many owners are exploring experiential retail or considering adaptive reuse.
  • Societal & Environmental
With a number of deep-seated, intractable issues clogging up supply chains, it will take more than 24/7 ports to speed the flow of goods, say SIORs.
  • Economy & Politics
As the pandemic, changes in technology, and other factors continue to shape CRE, one thing is certain: Owners, developers and the brokerage industry will make the necessary adjustments.
  • Market Trends & Analysis
Despite the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and its variant strains, confidence might be returning to the office market. But tenants are still trying to puzzle out their office requirements.
  • Business Practices
Brokerages can meet the higher expectations of today’s workforce by offering financial cushioning and creating supportive corporate cultures.
  • Technology & Innovation
Brokers plan to use virtual meeting software after the pandemic has ended, but only in certain circumstances.