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  • Market Trends & Analysis
SIORs on both sides of “The Big Pond” share their observations on the impact of COVID-19 on CRE, how they have responded, and long-term trends that may emerge.
  • Economy & Politics
There may be areas of concern as a new presidential administration settles in. But there are also some potential bright spots, not the least of which is an eternally optimistic commercial real estate industry.
  • Business Practices
COVID has injected uncertainty into the office and industrial marketplace, which has temporarily pushed companies to hedge growth prospects and fall-back on short-term lease deals. Even though this could be a strategic fallacy in regards to future expansion, brokers still need to develop strategies for current property market dislocation.
  • I & O
Although the trend of remote working will continue after the pandemic, SIOR experts believe employers will still require office space to support on-site collaboration and foster a sense of community.
  • I & O
No matter the size of the market, e-commerce has already altered the industrial workspace. This is just the beginnings of a wholesale change in the delivery of goods to consumers.
  • Business Practices
While the pandemic upended commercial real estate in unprecedented ways last year, seasoned leaders worked overtime to help employees and clients adapt.
  • Technology & Innovation
When all is said and done, the silver lining of a dismal 2020 from an industry standpoint may be that it was the year when CRE brokers finally stopped talking about technology and actually started using it on a broader scale...