SIOR Transaction Awards
SIOR recognizes the largest transactions conducted by SIOR members annually. 

Awards are presented in the following categories based on dollar volume.

 Member-to-Member Transactions
    Investment Sale
 Office     Alternative Assets (other)
 Land     Associate Member
 Non Member-to-Member Transactions
 Industrial Redevelopment
 Office Investment Sale
Land Alternative Assets (other)
Rookie of the Year**         

* Associate M2M Transaction
- Recognizes the largest transaction between an SIOR designee and an SIOR Associate member.

** Rookie of the Year award will be given to participants in a transaction where one has held his or her SIOR designation one year or less at the time the transaction commenced or closed.

Guidelines and rules for 2019 Transaction Awards:

  • SIOR HQ must receive transactions through the online form on MySIOR no later than January 31, 2020. PDF copies of the previous transaction forms will not be accepted.
  • Commencement/closing date of the transaction must fall between January 1, 2019, and December 31, 2019.
  • Participants must have been Active Designees, Candidates/Member Associates, or Associate Members at the time the transaction commenced or closed.
  • Incomplete entries will not be considered.
  • Awards are open to Active Designees, Candidates/Member Associates, Associate Members, and Designees acting as a principal of their firm.
  • The member submitting the transaction is responsible for its accuracy.
  • Debt/Equity transactions are not eligible for awards.
  • If the transaction involved a portfolio investment or is an investment sale, the appropriate Investment box must be checked on the form.
  • To be considered for an M2M award, the transaction must involve two (or more) Active Designees,  Associate Members, or Candidates/Member Associates.
  • If a transaction is published and it is requested that the volume remain confidential, the transaction will not be considered for an award unless all participating members agree to drop the request for confidentiality.
  • Award winners are determined in February; notified by SIOR Headquarters in March; and presented with their awards during the 2020 SIOR Spring World Conference.
  • Transaction Awards are based on self-reported data and are confirmed with the submitter prior to announcement. SIOR takes no responsibility for erroneously reported data.

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