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The LinkedIn SIOR global group is our biggest social media outlet for SIOR members who want to connect. LinkedIn allows members to connect their networking efforts within the membership community.

  • Join the official SIORglobal group (members only)

SIOR's Twitter handle and hashtags engages members in constant access to what’s important. The most up-to-date news and updates you can find out SIOR HQ and our members.

  • @SIORglobal
  • Frequent hashtags - #SIOR,  #SIORFWC2012, #SIORSWC2013, #SIORFWC2013, you get the drift...

If you love SIOR, then be sure to like our Facebook page.

  • Stay updated with news, updates, reminders, and events.
  • Whether you’re reminiscing or living vicariously through pictures, our Facebook page houses a robust, ever-growing photo album collection.
  • SIOR's place to share interesting, informative articles and resources (and the ccasional funny meme)

Watch and re-watch SIOR in action with SIOR’s YouTube channel.

  • Check out our expanding collection of marketing videos
  • Enjoy clips of President's messages 
  • Share your how to videos and testimonials 

See our latest photos, learn about our most recent news, all in one place 

  • Check out our expanding collection of information on our Google+ page.


No longer for recipes and DIY home projects - the new way to share CRE information, tips, how-to videos, etc. 

  • Check out our expanding collection of information on our Pinterest page.

SIOR Pulse Blog 

The new SIOR blog, SIOR Pulse, is not your typical corporate blog. It is our members' blog. We post on behalf of our members. They write the content, they demonstrate their expertise. 


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