How to Become an SIOR Candidate

SIOR Candidate Membership is for industrial and office brokerage practitioners working towards qualifying for the SIOR designation within the next five years. Candidate members who have met the education, experience, and production requirements for the SIOR designation may apply for the designation through the standard admissions process.

SIOR Candidates must meet established requirements to become Candidate Members.

SIOR Candidate Membership Requirements

Have a minimum of three years and no more than eight years of documented industrial and/or office real estate brokerage experience and is actively engaged as an industrial and/or office real estate broker or salesperson.

Demonstrate minimum production for one year as measured by Gross Fee Income (GFI) within the standards set by the local Chapters.

GFI is the fee income directly attributable to the applicant that the applicant’s firm receives before splits. GFI requirements are set by the local Chapter. View the GFI Requirements by Market.

The applicant must fulfill the following:

  • Meet 50 percent of the set GFI amount for the 12 months preceding the application.

Submit a formal endorsement from an Active Individual Member in the applicant’s Chapter who is outside the applicant’s firm or firm's network.

Obtain a mentor, an Active Individual Member in the applicant’s Chapter. The mentor is responsible for providing guidance and advice while the Candidate is working towards earning the SIOR designation.

Uphold high ethical standards of practice and pledge to uphold SIOR's Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice by completing SIOR’s online ethics course.

SIOR Candidate Membership Responsibilities

Membership Term
Candidates can maintain Candidate Status for a maximum of five years. Within five years, the candidate should meet the requirements to earn the SIOR designation. 

Candidates should meet regularly with their mentor and report progress towards earning the SIOR designation.

World Conference Attendance
Candidates must attend one World Conference within 36 months of candidacy and are welcome to attend all conferences.

Educational Courses
Candidates must complete the Core Components of Commercial Brokerage coursework during candidacy. Successful completion fulfills the SIOR designation education requirement. 

Candidates must fulfill annual SIOR and Chapter dues obligations.

Applying for the SIOR Designation
When a Candidate has completed the SIOR designation education requirement and meets both the experience and production requirements, s/he is eligible to apply for the SIOR designation. The Candidate must submit a new application and proceed through the standard admissions process as defined on the “How to Become and SIOR Designee” page.


SIOR Admissions Process

Prepare an Application

  • Review and confirm eligibility of the requirements.
  • Confirm GFI amount and obtain signed Candidate GFI Affidavit from a managing broker, CFO, or CPA.
  • Identify an Active Designee in the applicant’s Chapter to serve as a Mentor, and obtain a signed Candidate Mentor Affidavit.

Submit an Application

  • Apply for membership, and upload supporting affidavits. Note: incomplete applications are void after 60 days.
  • Manager of Admissions sends application to Chapter for Interview. The Chapter has 30 days to review the application and conduct an interview with the applicant.
  • Manager of Admissions provides the Qualification Report & Endorsement Form to the applicant 10 business days from the date of the Chapter Announcement.
  • Applicant obtains and submits one Qualification Report & Endorsement Form to the Manager of Admissions.
  • Manager of Admissions will provide a link to complete the online SIOR Ethics course. Applicant must complete online course prior to Chapter review of application.

Review of Application

  • The chapter has 5 business days to review and sign the application.
  • SIOR’s Chapter Leadership Council votes monthly to approve applications.
Applicants from Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico do not fall within a chapter’s jurisdiction. The Chapter interview will be conducted by the appropriate Regional Director and the recommendation can be from any Active SIOR Individual member outside of the applicant’s firm or network. 
SIOR Membership Fees
  • Application Fee: $175
  • Online Ethics Course: $150
  • Annual Dues: $450 (first year prorated)
Apply for Membership

Important Notes:

SIOR Chapter Membership and Dues

Chapter membership is required and contingent upon approval of membership in SIOR. Candidate members within a Chapter's jurisdiction must fulfill applicable chapter dues. Please contact the local Chapter for dues requirements.

SIOR’s application processing procedure, conducted pursuant to the terms of SIOR’s Bylaws, seeks to assure that applicants are fully and fairly evaluated in terms of qualification criteria as stated in the SIOR Bylaws.

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