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Why Exhibit with SIOR?

Members of SIOR gather twice a year for SIOR’s Spring and Fall World Conferences. These signature events typically draw upward of 30% of the membership for the industry’s best networking and education.

Both conferences include a trade-show component, span two and a half days, and draw approximately the same type and number of attendees (700 – 1,000). The spring and fall conferences differ as follows:

  • Location: Spring  - typically in a resort setting; Fall -  most often in and urban location
  • Events: Spring - a half of one day is dedicated to variety of optional events for networking opportunities (such as golf); many targeted spouse and children’s activities; Fall – focus is on a full schedule of educational activities with the primary focus on members.

The exhibit hall at SIOR World Conferences is an integral part of the event. It is placed in a high-traffic area and as many food functions as possible are placed in the hall in order to drive attendee traffic. Additionally, SIOR’s trade show is designed to maximize exhibitor to attendee ratios allowing quality face-to-face time.  The exhibit hall closes with one of the liveliest events of each conference – the Bull n’ Beer Reception and Exhibitor Raffle which is a huge draw that ends exhibits with a bang.

Interested in Exhibiting?

2019 Sponsorship & Exhibits Prospectus (PDF)
2019 Fact Sheet & Budget Tracker (PDF)
2019 Sponsorship & Exhibits Reservation Form (PDF)


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