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SIOR maintains and promotes a professional designation of the highest quality for the benefit of its members and their clients.


We envision the SIOR professional designation standing unchallenged for excellence in the performance of commercial real estate services and universally recognized as the prerequisite in the selection of a commercial real estate broker, agent, or consultant.  We are committed to supporting our members in achieving excellence while assisting their clients.

General Objectives

The general objectives of SIOR follow:

  • Membership: Attract and maintain the most professionally competent real estate practitioners serving the facility needs of commerce and industry by implementing an active campaign to increase SIOR membership without reducing quality or standards. 
  • Professional Competence and Education: Use appropriate resources of SIOR, its Education Committee, and the SIOR Foundation to enhance the competence and capabilities of its members and to offer educational opportunities to members, prospective members, the real estate industry, and the corporate real estate community. 
  • Government Affairs: Represent the interests of the membership in government and legislative arenas. 
  • Ethics: Establish and promote the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct among all members. 
  • Publicity and Public Relations: Increase the visibility of SIOR and the professional capabilities and competence of its members within the business, civil, and political communities and within the real estate industry. 
  • Organizational and Governance Structure: Assure that the SIOR President is recognized as SIOR’s principal spokesperson and Chair of its Board of Directors and assure that SIOR’s elected leadership, Board of Directors, and staff, through the Executive Vice President, fulfill SIOR’s mission and general objectives.

Governance Information and Documents:

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