2019-2021 SIOR Strategic Plan

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To inspire the industrial and office real estate industry by connecting people, knowledge, markets, and opportunities, globally.

Recognized as the standard of excellence in industrial and office real estate.

Strategic Plan - Member Engagement

Engagement takes place at all levels across SIOR. From the large-scale virtual or face-to-face opportunities offered through SIOR Global to those more intimate and locally-based regional and chapter programs, success is based on meeting and exceeding expectations. Through the creation of impactful programs and services based on the needs of stakeholders, SIOR will increase engagement, drive value, and foster growth


  1. Create and deliver highly desired programs, services and experiences at all levels of SIOR (chapter, regional, and global) based on member and prospective member needs, resulting in increased member engagement, and impactful recruitment opportunities.
  2. Leverage data/analytics to enhance/customize SIOR program offerings and marketing efforts in a manner that targets stakeholders.

Strategic Plan - brand and integrative

SIOR has an opportunity to expand its brand awareness among a variety of audiences and to leverage data and research to understand the scope, needs and preferences of such audiences more fully. With a clear brand identity and compelling value proposition for current SIORs, prospective members, and other stakeholder audiences, SIOR will strengthen its position as a leader across the industry.


  1. Create and continue to develop a brand and brand experience that is based on compelling value propositions that address the diverse needs of SIOR’s target audiences.
  2. Ensure comprehensive brand integration through all of SIOR’s communication.
  3. Develop a comprehensive database focused on defined industry data, that allows SIOR to determine and understand the evolving needs, preferences, psychographics, and demographics of industry professionals.  
  4. Leverage data and analytics to enhance/customize SIOR program offerings and marketing efforts in a manner that targets stakeholders.

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