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Tax Reform Benefits for Commercial Real Estate Investors & Brokers
The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the most significant change to the IRS code in decades. The law reduces tax rates for both individuals and corporations. Not only will US corporations benefit from tax savings, but the bill also contains numerous tax breaks for commercial real estate. Attend this webinar to learn how this tax reform impacts you and your clients.

The Autonomous Future of Commercial Real Estate
For the last 30 years we have been warned that machines would take over the world. While Terminator plots aren't in effect currently, we are seeing a major shift in how business is conducted and a new wave of automation is now impacting every corner of the world.

James Scott from MIT's Real Estate Innovation Lab will discuss why automation is suddenly becoming so important, how and why automation is now impacting the commercial real estate industry, and where we can start seeing the biggest changes.

Social Networking for Commercial Real Estate 

Fee*: $75 SIOR members/$150 non-members 
*This is a per-port fee. You may have as many people viewing the webinar from your one location (computer) as you like.

Networking through social media has reached a tipping point in the business world. As a result, social networking has very quickly become an essential component of everyone's repertoire. Attend this high-energy webinar to learn the subtle nuances and pivotal strategies for mastering and monetizing LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This is a recording of the original webinar presentation that was held on December 15, 2010.

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SIORs are the most capable and experienced industrial and office brokerage practitioners in any market – delivering best in class service to clients while working together to advance the industry. 

SIOR's Global Network
With 3200 members in 36 countries and 685 cities, SIOR's Global network provides you with the utmost credibility, prestige, education and professionalism.

SIOR Celebrates 75 Years of Excellence
SIORs of influence give a toast to the organization's 75th Anniversary and celebrate the history and memories that make the Society so special.

SIOR Live! Interview: Brokers and the Age Factor
SIORs go on the record with SIOR Live! to discuss how there is a new age of collaboration to broker the age gap.

SIOR Live! Interview: National vs Local: Brokers Compare Notes
Nathan Denton, SIOR, and Jeffrey Rinkov, Lee & Asociates, compare notes on how DFW is different and the same as major markets.

SIOR Live! Interview: SIOR After Hours
SIORs Frank Schultz, SIOR, Soozi Jones Walker, SIOR and Bobbi Miracle, SIOR have an unscripted discussion with SIOR Live!

SIOR Live! Interview: Market Changes and Drivers
SIORS Jay Olshonsky and Craig Coppola provide insights on market changes being seen, and the drivers of those changes.

SIOR Live! Interview: Marijuana Grow Facilities
SIOR Paul Kluck shares his expertise on marijuana grow facilities and commercial real estate.

SIOR Live! Interview: Upcycles in the Industry
SIOR Gabriel Silverstein in New York City shares his thoughts on upcycles in the industry.

SIOR Live! Interview: Hot Markets and Investments.
Dirk Mosis, Executive Managing Director, USAA Real Estate Company, discuses secondary market investments.

SIOR Live! Interview: Disintermediation
Jeff Fin, President and CEO of RealNex, discuses his thoughts on disintermediation.

SIOR Live! Interview: Drones in CRE
SIOR Don Catalono discuses the future use of drones in commercial real estate.

SIOR Live! Interview: Broker Disintermediation
SIOR Kevin McGowan discusses his thoughts on broker disintermediation.

SIOR Live! Interview: Baby-Boomers and Millenials
SIOR Jeff Gage shares his thoughts on how baby-boomers and millennials can work together.

The Strength of SIOR
SIORs share their views on what makes SIOR a strong organization and why they are proud to be a part of it. 

Welcome to the Scottsdale SIOR Spring World Conference
SIOR 2015 President Angela West, SIOR introduces the venue and events of the SIOR conference in Scottsdale, AZ.

How Can SIOR Help You?
SIOR's robust tools and services can enhance your commercial real estate business needs.

2014 Fall World Conference Highlights
SIOR's conference in Music City turned out the largest attendance in years. Check out the highlights.

Working the Strategic Plan
SIOR Live! Interview with Angela West, SIOR; Allen Gump, SIOR, CCIM, and Geoff Kasselman, SIOR, LEED AP. 

Young Professionals Outline Challenges of Growth
SIOR Live! Interview with Frank Schultz, SIOR, and John Adams, SIOR, CCIM

Global Citizens and Commercial Real Estate
SIOR Live! Interview with Amaury Gariel, SIOR

The Changing Shape of the Office
SIOR Live! Interview with Jill Rasmussen, SIOR, CCIM 


SIOR Live with Leadership


    SIOR Live! Featuring Laurens Nicholson, SIOR and Andrew Cheney, SIOR        

    SIOR Live! Featuring Mark Beattie and Kevin McGowan, SIOR 


    SIOR Live! Featuring Mark Goode, SIOR 

    SIOR Live! Featuring Beth Cambell, Gensler 


    Why You Should Attend the 2014 SIOR Spring World Conference  

    SIOR Goes Global       

    Why You Should Be Sponsoring and Exhibiting at SIOR Events       

    SIOR Live! Featuring Terry Smith, SIOR, CCIM       
      SIOR Live! Featuring Mark Goode, SIOR       
      SIOR Live! Featuring Scott Lamson       
      SIOR Live! Featuring Bud Pharris       
      SIOR Live! Featuring Chris Cuff, SIOR, MCR       
      SIOR Live! Featuring Bryan Poynter, SIOR, CCIM       
      SIOR Live Interviews Angela West, SIOR, MCR       
      SIOR Live! Featuring Nora Hogan, SIOR, CCIM       
      SIOR Live! Featuring Geoff Kasselman, SIOR, LEED AP       
      SIOR Live! Featuring Mike Hillis, SIOR, CCIM       
      The Power of Locate an SIOR       
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