• DesignFlex2030

    Design Flex 2030

    The Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) and the SIOR Foundation release the second white paper in a three paper series, Design Flex 2030 - Roadmap for Change: The Flexible Distribution Facilities Network of the Future. Click here to download the full paper.

  • SIOR Awards Top Transactions for 2017

    SIOR is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Top Transaction Awards. Last year, more than 600 SIOR members reported 2,000 transactions totaling $10 billion in leases/sales. Check out the winners here.

  • SIOR Releases Article on Blockchain's Impact on CRE

    SIOR explores blockchain's potential impact on commercial real estate in this first edition of the SIOR Thought Leadership Series. As blockchain becomes more accepted, industries must examine this technology more closely. Check it out here.

  • SIOR Launches New CRE Resource Website

    The CRE Resource Center is your guide to the latest and greatest CRE apps, tools, and services. The first crowd-sourced industry review site of its kind. Read and review industry products and services and be more informed for better business decisions. Check it out here.

  • Join us in Warsaw in 2018

    The SIOR European Regional Council is hosting its second SIOR International European Conference in Warsaw, June 27 – 29, 2018. Bring your family, clients or friends to network, learn and do business together! Stay on and book our exclusive post trip to Krakow, Poland and Vienna, Austria. Click here to learn more and register. Watch the promotional video "The Chopin Deal."

  • The Power of SIOR's Global Network

    With 3200 members in 36 countries and 685 cities, SIOR's Global network provides you with the utmost credibility, prestige, education and professionalism. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Leading Commercial Real Estate for More Than 75 Years

    SIORs are recognized as the leading industrial and office brokers and agents around the world, representing the most knowledgeable, experienced, ethical, and successful in the industry. Learn more about becoming one of the best

  • SIOR Global Market Coverage

    The top industrial and office experts are closer than you think. SIOR coverage spans 685 cities in 36 countries, so finding a trusted broker in your area is within reach. View the interactive global coverage map...

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