Summary of Opportunities

Do you have a product or service that you would like to sell to members of SIOR? It’s all about the numbers!

If members of SIOR are your target audience there are multiple ways to reach them:

  • Advertise in SIOR’s print and digital publications, including new mobile apps.
Market your company by way of SIOR’s website, magazine, event publications, and mobile apps.
SIOR offers many sponsorships opportunities at a variety of price points. Target a certain segment or topic – reach all conference attendees or the entire membership.
  • Exhibit at an SIOR World Conference 
Exhibiting offers the best opportunity for face-to-face networking and sharing of your company’s products and services.
Share your knowledge as an industry expert on a topic. SIOR is highly selective when programming the best and most timely educational content and being selected is highly regarded.
  • Write an article for SIOR’s quarterly magazine, SIOR Report 
Extend your reach as an industry expert by writing for the SIOR Report magazine and reach the entire membership and beyond.
  • Engage at the local chapter level  
Perhaps you want to target a local market, then participate at the chapter level in one or more of SIOR’s 46 chapters.
  • Join as an Associate Member of SIOR 

Become a vested part of the organization by joining as an Associate member with added benefits.

People join SIOR in order to access the network of top producing commercial real estate brokers. SIORs, like most people, do business with people they know and trust.

The companies that are the most successful at tapping the potential of SIOR approach their relationship the same way. They participate with SIOR at multiple levels in order to network, build relationships and ultimately do business.

By creating a consistent and sustained outreach plan with SIOR, you can best position your company for similar success!

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