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The SIOR website is the main source of information and services for SIOR members and elite professionals in the commercial real estate industry. News and information is current and relevant and top-decision makers are visiting the site on a regular basis. The robust online member directory is the first-stop for any industry professional looking for experts around the globe. Information on upcoming events, educational opportunities, and membership requirements are available. A new members-only website provides the ultimate value proposition for members. The SIOR website is also mobile-friendly.

Digital advertising allows you to easily update or replace ads and track the online metrics to analyze the success of your campaigns. Each advertiser gets a unique login to access analytics 24/7.

  • Types/Locations of Website Advertising +/-
    Areas of the Website:
    • Locate an SIOR Digital Directory
    • Run of Site:
      • Home Page
      • About SIOR
      • Membership
      • Events
      • Education
      • Chapters
      • Resources
  • Pricing and Placements +/-

    Web Rates & Specs

    Location/Type Frequency/Price  Dimensions
     12 mos.  6 mos. 3 mos. 
     Run of Site  $5250  $2900 $1,600 265 x 215
     Locate an SIOR Premium Search Banner  $6000 $3300  $1825 300 x 600 
     Locate an SIOR State Search Banner*  $2100  $1175 $650  600 x 150 

    *Rolling contracts from one year to the next are available upon request.
    *Locate an SIOR State Search Banner placements generate ads based on search criteria entered by the user. (i.e., an ad purchased for California will only appear when members are searched for in California.) Premiums Locate an SIOR banners appear on every state, regardless of the search critiera.
  • Deadlines & Requirements +/-

    New files must be received at a minimum of 10 business days before the start of the new month for updates/replacements or a new contract.

    Web file formats: JPEG, GIF, animated GIF. Animation is limited to 10 seconds and must not loop forever.

How to Advertise:

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Laura Gaenzle
SIOR Website Sales | 717.430.2351

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