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  • Technology & Innovation
Can brokers do without a Customer Relationship Manager? Given the bumpy road it took them to find the right fit, the SIOR members we spoke with wouldn’t want to try.
  • Business Practices

As office tenants reassess their leasing needs, landlords are exploring options for flex space in their buildings.

  • Market Trends & Analysis
SIORs see greater competition as more brokers enter the industrial market, but underscore that the “cream” will always rise to the top.
  • Societal & Environmental
Legislative and financial incentives and pressures are fueling a movement toward net-zero buildings.
  • Business Practices
SIORs in “boutique” firms find their strength in deep understanding of local market trends, a strong track record, and close relationships with key players.
  • Technology & Innovation
While the tokenization of commercial real estate assets promises to revolutionize the process of buying and selling  properties, experts say there are a number of hurdles that need to be cleared in order for it to become a force in real estate investment.
Impacting positive change throughout a global network of Commercial Real Estate professionals is by its very scope a monumental task. SIOR has long advocated for a more inclusive industry, and in so doing, a more inclusive society.