SIOR is focused on developing methods to improve the conference experience. To that end, ExperienceGuru allows SIOR to map the experience of our attendees' onsite, during the conference, in real time. Unlike traditional post-show survey's, this method allows our attendees to provide instantaneous feedback on-site and map your conference journey. Think of this as a customer journey map.

What is a Customer Journey Map?

Often used by Fortune 500 companies, customer journey maps allow you to walk int he shoes of your customer by traveling with them as they interact with your company. They provide an accurate outside-in view, focusing on desired outcomes from the customer's perspective. (Michael Hinshaw, 2012) They help illustrate individual customer's needs, interactions that are necessary to fulfill those needs, adn the resulting emotional states a customer experiences throughout the process. (Joel Flom, 2011)

How Can I Participate?

SIOR will be beta-testing this platform at the 2015 Spring World Conference. Participants will receive approximately 20-25 emails or text messages (based on selected preference) during the SIOR Spring World Conference prompting them to fill out a VERY brief and simple survey (one question per ping with the opportunity to also provide comments) about their experiences with various aspects of the conference. If you are interested in participating in the ExperienceGuru project, sign up using the form below.

How would you like to receive your evaluation questions?

If you selected to receive evaluation alerts via text, please provide your cell phone number.
If you selected to receive evaluation alerts via email, please provide your preferred email address.

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